Car Rentals Near St. George Utah Airport SGU:

Things To Know About Car Rentals Near SGU Airport In St. George Utah

If you are looking for car rentals near SGU Airport in St. George Utah, you should know that there are two options that are available. The first one is to take advantage of the airport car rental store and the second one is to actually go to an offsite car rental store near the airport.

Avis Airport Car Rental Store

st george car rentalsThis is the first opportunity that is considered by most people who are looking for car rentals near SGU Airport in St. George Utah due to convenience. There are two ways to reach your car rental destination. The first one is to proceed to the only Avis counter that you see in the claim baggage area. All rental cars are parked right outside so you will easily get to them.

The second option is intended for people that are just arriving at the airport. In this case you need to follow the signs that say “Baggage Claim” or “Arrivals”. This helps you to reach the area entrance and you can easily get to the above mentioned Avis counter.

Keep in mind that when you return you car to the airport, you will need to park and lock it. Place your completed contract together with the keys inside the key drop box and take all personal belongings with you.

Car Rentals Near SGU Airport in St. George Utah

Besides Avis, there are also many other car rentals near SGU Airport in St. George Utah. The problem is how you can get there when you land. Ask around if you are already there and see what offers are available.

You can also use the Internet to book in advance. Look at the deals that you find and book your car before you get to St. George. This basically guarantees that you will have a car and the prices are already negotiated. There are no surprises that can appear when you use this option.

If you want to rent a car in advance, you will need to send in some documents with some companies. Make sure that you ask about this necessity. It is recommended to call the car rental shops so that you have direct contact and ask all questions that you might have.

General Car Rental Rules To Be Respected

No matter what car rentals near SGU Airport in St. George Utah you decide to use, there are rules that you need to follow. You will most likely be told about them so that you are not surprised. Keep in mind that you receive the car with a full tank of gas and it is common courtesy that you return it the same.

We recommend that you also get insurance. It will cost you a little more but it is worth it. You’ll never know when something bad will happen and being insured basically guarantees that there is nothing to worry about. In addition, it definitely does not cost that much in comparison to how much you would need to pay if an accident happens.