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st george utah airport runwayWhat Should You Know About SGU St. George Utah Airport?

The SGU St. George Utah Airport (also known simply as SGU or as St. George Municipal Airport) is a public-use, city-owned local airport that is located 5.8 miles to the southeast of St. George’s central business district. It is located in Utah, Washington County, USA. Not many flights come to the airport but if you want to go to the region, you will surely want to consider this option.

SGU St. George Utah Airport opened in 2011, on January the 13th. It is basically a replacement for the previous airport, which could not be used anymore as it was declared improper for the proper expansion that the city required. SkyWest Airlines is currently responsible for the flights that come to the airport on behalf of the United Airlines and Delta Air Lines.

Location Identifier

The previous airport had SGU as a location identifier, which was assigned by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) and IATA (International Air Transport Association). The new SGU St. George Utah Airport had a transitional identifier assigned, DXZ, while retaining SGU according to IATA. Confusion was possible so SGU started to be used by the new airport on December, 2011.

SGU St. George Utah Airport History

An EIS (Environmental Impact Statement) appeared in August, 2006. A study was conducted and the results showed minimal noise and environment pollution. The original plans for the new airport came with just 1 runway, which was suitable for a regional jet and even larger mainline aircrafts.

It goes without saying that the airport comes with all the necessary facilities and extra buildings that you would expect. On the whole, it is a very good upgrade when compared to the old St. George Municipal Airport because of the addition of the precision instrument approach and the Air Traffic Control Tower.

Where To Find A Ticket?

As with absolutely all airports, if you want to travel to SGU St. George Utah Airport, you have many different options that are available. All counts on the reason why you are buying your ticket. It is recommended to buy in advance as this would offer you the best price possible and in the event that you do not have enough time to research, direct contact with SkyWest Airlines is recommended.  If you want St. George lodging, go here.

How Much Did The Airport Cost?

SGU St. George Utah Airport was not that expensive. The big advantage was the fact that FAA offered a large part of the money through grants totaling $123 million. It is quite an important investment since the overall cost of the entire airport was a little over $160 million. The airport was opened and is fully-operational at the moment. Expansion plans have already been presented and the runway area will most likely double up in the near future, allowing for a second runway to better complement the existing one.

Another thing that can be said is the fact that the terminal area covers over 3,000 square kilometers and is fully equipped with all the areas and extras that you would expect in an airport. You can say that it doesn’t have the bells and the whistles of the bigger airports, but it gets the job done.


SGU St. George Utah Airport Tips, Information, and flights

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